Cancellation / Refund Policy

We know plans can change, so we've designed an industry leading cancellation policy that's flexible for our customers and supports our drivers. We respect your time and your driver's time too - so we won't charge cancellation fees (and any applicable ride-related expenses) unless your driver has already been assigned. See the specifics below.

Will I get a call when my car arrives?

As a courtesy to our customers we do attempt to contact all our customers when their drivers are on location 10 minutes before the pickup.

Sedan, SUV or Stretch Limo Cancellations & Deposit Refunds: If cancellation is made 24 hours or more before the scheduled pickup date all deposits made will be fully refunded. For Holidays, Prom Dates or other special events refunds will be made for cancellations made 48 hours or more before the scheduled pickup date. If cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup date a % 50 cancellation fees will be charged.

Waiting Time

We understand your day doesn't always run according to plan, so we created a wait time policy with an industry-leading grace period. A grace period is determined by your pick-up location and starts at your scheduled pick-up time. If your grace period finishes and you have not arrived, you're charged $1/minute in wait time fees.

Airport*/Cruise Terminal Pick-up

Domestic Flight/Cruise Terminal: 30 Minutes
International Flight: 60 Minutes

Non-Airport Pick-up 15 Minutes

*Flights can be especially unpredictable. We ask for your flight information to track your flight and help you avoid wait time fees. You have the option to disable the flight tracker and select an exact pick-up time, however we advise against this. If you disable the tracker you may incur unnecessary wait time fees or be kept waiting if your plane doesn't land when expected.

When the grace period has passed, we will attempt to contact you several times. If we haven't heard from you we will cancel your ride 60 minutes after the grace period has ended. If you do not show up, you will be charged the wait time incurred plus all other applicable charges, with the exception of tip and tolls. If you need to extend the wait time, no problem - just give us a call.

Wait Time Charges

$1 per minute after a grace period of 60 minutes for international flights, 30 minutes for domestic flights and 15 minutes for non-airport reservations expires.

Other Fees:
  • Tolls are charged based on the actual route taken at the local toll rate. The passenger is responsible
    for roundtrip tolls of the driver, to and back from the passenger pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Gratuity 15% gratuity is charged to all fares.
  • Tax 7% sales taxes is charged to all fares.
  • Parking (inside pick up only) is charged $8 for Sedan or SUV car class and $12 for VAN for up to one hour wait time at the airports.
  • Meet and Greet (inside pick up only) is charged $15
  • Car Seat (if requested) is charged $15, baby weight and age must be provided
  • Credit card transaction fee 3% transaction fee is charged on all credit card payments.
  • No Smoking All of our vehicles are No Smoking vehicles.